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+41 (0)31 791 26 11

Hotel Schloss Hünigen
4 Stars  
(49 Rooms)

Freimettigenstrasse 9, Konolfingen (Map)

At the gateway to the Emmental Valley in Konolfingen is the idyllic Hünigen Castle - 20 km from Bern, 120 km from Basel and 140 km from Zürich. The 400 year old castle is equipped with modern amenities and offers superior service. Escape your dail  more...


+41 (0)31 7911050

+41 (0)31 7911187

Hotel Kreuz
0 Stars  

Kreuzplatz 2, Konolfingen

The Hotel Kreuz in Konolfingen, Switzerland situated Kreuzplatz 2 can be contacted by phone +41 (0)31 7911050 or fax +41 (0)31 7911187. Here it is unfortunately not yet possible to book online.
This accommodation Hotel Kreuz would be glad to welcome you soon. The correct data depends on the update of the information through the management and cannot be guaranteed.  more...

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New Year's Eve 1932 / 1933 is the birth of Konolfingen. With a special, unforgettable celebration was the merger of the two communities and Stalden Gysenstein (Herolfingen, Ursellen and Konolfingen village) to residents of Konolfingen celebrated. Geographically located in the still Kiesental, the Konolfingen approximately 660m high elevation are often the gateway referred to the Emmental. Nestled among the wooded hills Hürnberg, Kurzenberg and hole mountain is shaped by the community of two worlds: on one hand the site can connect with be referred to the Bern S-Bahn as a modern commuter town. On the other hand focuses Konolfingen with a high proportion of farms also to traditional values. In the former Chonufinger moss, where until the 20th Century peat was stung, arose after the draining of our ancestors, the modern center. The Konolfingen railway junction is located between Bern and Langnau in Emmental, Burgdorf, and and tuna. The opening up of public transport by the SBB in 1864 and the first Standard gauge electric railway in Europe, the Konolfingen-Burgdorf-Thun-Bahn (BTB), the end of the last century, was a pioneering effort. Thanks to the excellent transport facilities capable settled of well known industrial companies in soon. One is taken over today by Nestlé, already established Bernese Alps 1892 Milk Company. It helps with the crème Stalden Name Konolfingen "far beyond national borders. Very proud of the Konolfingen but also Friederich Dürrenmatt, in the Reformed Parsonage Konolfingen was born. Playing in the novels of the Rudolf von Tavel Ursellen Hünigen and locks and wide surroundings of one Konolfingen essential role. With its approximately 4,700 inhabitants and is the now and the considerable size of 12.5 km2 is Konolfingen, which also gives the District's name to an average of municipal grown. 61 clubs, a swimming pool, a cinema, a Village Museum and other cultural and sports facilities are available and the Konolfingerinnen Konolfingen shaping their leisure.

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